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Online Banking

Easily manage your accounts online

Our online banking platform is designed to give you convenient online access to your organization’s accounts whenever and wherever you want.

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If you're a VCIB client and want online banking access, contact your Account Manager or email us at to get started.
If you’re already registered for online banking:

With online banking,
you’ll be able to:

  • View account balances and activity from your desktop or mobile browser
  • Pay bills now or schedule them for a later date
  • View eStatements
  • Add or edit access for delegate users (like a bookkeeper)
  • Approve multi-signature transactions
  • Move money using Automated Funds Transfer
  • Process payments and receivables electronically
  • Move your own funds between accounts with other financial institutions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access online banking?

You need a computer with access to the internet and your User ID provided by your Account Manager. You will also be provided with a temporary password. We recommend you initially log in to online banking within 48 hours of receiving your temporary password and change it for improved security. We recommend Chrome as the preferred web browser for the optimal experience.

What if I need help using online banking?

If you are logged in to online banking, you can send us a secure message by clicking on Contact Us in the top corner and select Send a Message. Alternatively, you send an email us to and a VCIB representative will respond within one to two business days. We would be happy to walk you through our online banking features in a 15-minute session tailored to your needs.

Can I check our business statement online?

Yes. Your All-In-One Business Statement will be available in online banking during the first week of the month. With online banking, you can print your statement at any time.

How can I obtain my account number?

Please contact us through the secure message function within online banking with your request and we will send you the details of your VCIB accounts through a secure, encrypted email.

What if I forgot my password or do not have one?

If you have forgotten your password, it can be reset by your online banking administrator.

I’m concerned about internet security. How do I know my account information is safe?

We provide the best security currently available to assure your privacy and confidentiality. Any personal or transactional information transmitted between us is secure. We receive your transactions and communications without alteration. To learn more, please visit the security section of our website.

Can I download my statement into accounting financial management software?

Yes. You can download your statements from online banking and then manually upload the files into Quickbooks, Quicken or other accounting software that can upload a csv file.
To download a file:

  1. a) Log in to online banking
  2. b) Navigate to “Transaction History” on left hand menu
  3. c) Complete all fields with details
  4. d) Select ‘Download Format’ type
  5. e) Select “Submit”

You can learn more about your software’s specific instructions on their website.

I paid my bill online yesterday, why hasn't the company received my payment?

It depends on the company. Sometimes bill payments made online may take two to three business days to be processed, others are credited sooner. The differences are due to a number of factors, including the time of day you make the transaction and the company’s accounting processes.
We suggest that you make your electronic bill payments a couple of days ahead of the due date to ensure they are processed by the time they are due.

How do I utilize the Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) feature to move funds in and out of external accounts (e.g., accounts at other financial institutions)?

Watch our video in the VCIB Online Banking Resource Centre on “how to move funds between external accounts using the AFT feature” and review other FAQs on external transfers below.

I initiated an AFT/external transfer yesterday, but it has not arrived at the external account.

  1. a) External transfers will generally arrive the next business day (at approximately 6:30 pm) after the transaction was initiated and approved. Depending on the receiving financial institution, it can take three to five business days.
  2. b) Check that your transaction has been approved by all necessary approvers. If you have a dual signer account, all approvals must be completed before the transaction is sent to the external account.
  3. c) Check the date of your transaction. Did your transaction expire? Was the transaction dated and approved on the same day? For example, if the transaction is dated the 2nd, all approvals must be completed by 11:59pm on the 2nd for the transaction to successfully send to the external account.

Does online banking offer the ability to upload bulk payments?

VCIB online banking does not offer the ability to upload bulk payments, at this time.

What online banking notifications can I expect?

Email notifications alert you of some online banking activities. You can sign up for alerts in online banking.

These are just a few of the reasons you may receive an email alert:

  • your online banking access has been locked;
  • your online banking password has been changed;
  • a new bill payee or e-Transfer recipient has been added;
  • a task is waiting for approval; and
  • a task submitted for approval has been approved.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and why is VCIB online banking introducing it?

Multi-Factor Authentication is a security measure used to confirm the identity of users accessing your banking accounts. It’s an additional layer of security that helps to protect your account. Multi-Factor Authentication will replace the use of security questions.

How do I log in to VCIB Online Banking and authenticate with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

After entering your User ID and password, you will be asked to enter a Verification Code, which will be sent to the email address we have on file. Take note of this email address in the ‘send Verification Code’ message. As soon as you receive the email with your Verification Code you should enter it where prompted on the login page. You will receive a new Verification Code every time you log in to online banking.

How long is my Verification Code valid, and what if I don’t receive it?

It may take a few minutes to receive your Verification Code. If you didn’t receive your Verification Code, the first thing you should do is check your junk folder. The message that first prompted you to request a Verification Code indicates the email address we have on file. If you no longer see this page, you can go back to the online banking login page, enter your credentials, and you’ll see the Verification Code prompt again.

The Verification Code is valid for 15 minutes from the time it’s sent out to you. As soon as you receive the email with your code you should enter it where prompted on the login page. You will receive a new Verification Code every time you log in to online banking.

How can I change the email address VCIB has on file?

If you would like to change the email address we have on file, you can contact your online banking administrator. If you are the administrator, you cannot change your own email address. We will be happy to help you change this address in our system. Please send a message to

Vancity Group

VCIB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vancity Credit Union, a values-based financial cooperative. With more than 543,000 members and $28.2 billion in assets, plus assets under administration, Vancity is Canada’s largest community credit union.  

Federally Chartered

VCIB is a Schedule 1 chartered bank operating under federal guidelines and regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

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A B Corp’s™ purpose is to create social and financial value. To belong, they must meet high standards of transparency and accountability, and create positive social and environmental benefit.

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VCIB belongs to the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, an international network of banking leaders who make social and environmental change a part of their financial model.

Vancity Community Investment Bank is a member of CDIC and is a Certified B CorpTM