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Put your values to work. At VCIB, community is at the heart of our name and mission. We’re a values-driven bank looking for people who have a passion for creating positive change. If you see a future in turning social challenges into opportunities through finance, we see a future in you.

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Work for a company that works for everyone.

Find unique opportunities to use VCIB’s capabilities as an impact-focused lender to support meaningful new initiatives. Join us on our mission to finance a greater tomorrow.

Challenge the norm

Shift the finance world and accelerate the global culture toward a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Profits shouldn’t come at the expense of people or planet.

Bike Rack Environmentally Friendly Corporate Culture

Break down barriers

Empower organizations that are creating lasting change at home and around the world. Champion companies that embrace a values-driven ethos as essential to their business models.

Office Meeting Inclusive Corporate Culture

Positive change starts with you.

At Vancity, we believe that your success is our success. We compensate competitively and support balanced lifestyles so that our employees can embrace opportunities with confidence at every stage of life. Here are just a few of the benefits we’re proud to provide our team.

Continued Growth

Success is built on learning and development – new experiences create a more engaging workplace. We advocate professional growth and encourage our employees to impact the community and achieve their full potential. Employees can also apply for a tuition subsidy to support on-going education.

Flexible Benefits

Everyone has a different five-year, ten-year plan for themselves and their families. Our program offers a mix of standard and customizable benefits that can be individually tailored to meet each employee’s unique needs. It can also be tailored to complement the benefits of a partner or children.

Work Life Balance

Being at the office from 9 to 5 isn’t always optimal, finding enough time for work and life is one of the keys to happiness. We offer flexible work options to ensure our employees can see to their personal responsibilities. This includes compressed weeks, job sharing and work from home arrangements.

Parental Leave

Family life is important – it’s one of the foundations of a healthy community. We support parental leave for employees welcoming new children into their family, through birth or adoption. In addition, permanent employees can receive a top-up benefit equalling up to 85% of their pay while on leave.

Bank on Better Opportunities

Interested in working at a values-driven bank?

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Vancity Community Investment Bank is a member of CDIC and is a Certified B CorpTM